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Iperdome Offers Free Trial of .per Services

ATLANTA, May 5, 1999 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc., the company offering Personal Domain Name services under the .per(SM) brand and Top Level Domain (TLD), today announced several changes designed to position the company as a competitor to the recently selected ICANN Registrars.  These changes include

--  Converting the entire .per(SM) name space from a distributed zone to a managed zone.  This novel, useful and likely patentable approach features Discrete Domain Name Assignments (DDNA), a new process that allows millions of individuals to share common family names.

--  Combining the traditional Registry/Registrar functions so that individuals can use their Personal Domain Names via a single contact point, without any technical knowledge, for a very reasonable price.

--  Offering all Netizens a free trial .per(SM) Identity, free email forwarding, and a free membership in the Personal Domain Name Holders Association.

"These changes were designed to meet the needs of individuals in securing a lasting, permanent Internet identity, and to give them a voice in Internet governance," said Jay Fenello, President of Iperdome.  "Our goal is to bring diversity to the name space, and choice to the marketplace."

Iperdome has been fighting for over two years to get .per(SM) added to the legacy root servers.  Today, many people agree that Iperdome's .per(SM) is likely to be among the very first new TLDs.  In the interim, Iperdome is pleased to offer world-wide visibility for .per(SM) services under the .nu and .to TLDs.

"Our goal is to make the .per(SM) brand more pervasive than phone numbers. And with DDNA, we can easily accommodate over 100 million clients!" said Fenello.  "'What's your .per(SM)?' will now be our marketing mantra."


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