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Iperdome Changes Policies, Announces First 'Registrar' for the '.per' Domain

ATLANTA, March 10, 1998 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc. (http//www.iperdome.com), the company offering Personal Domain Name services under the .per(sm) name and Top Level Domain (TLD), today announced a restructuring to comply with the U.S. Government's Green Paper process. Iperdome also announced that it had established its first Registry/Registrar relationship with Alldomains.com (http//www.alldomains.com/per).

Earlier this year, the U.S. Government announced their long awaited plan for expanding the Domain Name System.  While nothing in the domain name expansion debate is certain, the so called Green Paper appears to support existing TLDs like .per(sm).  Iperdome now believes that Personal Domain Names are likely to eventually gain entry into the default root servers.

To prepare for that outcome, and to comply with the requirements of the Green Paper process, Iperdome has reorganized its business into Registry and Registrar functions.  In addition, it has focused its core business on the Registry business, and made registration services for the .per(sm) name and TLD available at wholesale pricing to authorized resellers (Registrars). Other changes include the implementation of a Personal Privacy Policy, as well as Renewal Price Guarantees.

"In making these changes, we have prepared for the new competitive environment as described by the Green Paper process" said Jay Fenello, President of Iperdome.  "We have also addressed issues raised by MoU supporters, issues like Personal Privacy and Renewal Price Guarantees.  With today's announcement, we are positioned to offer Personal Domain Name services regardless of the outcome of the DNS debate."

Iperdome's first "registrar" is Alldomains.com.  Founded in 1996, Alldomains.com has grown to become one of the leaders in worldwide domain name registration services.  This leadership is what attracted such companies asFord, Baxter Healthcare, Chrysler, United Airlines, Iomega and thousands of small businesses and private individuals to use Alldomains.com.

"We see Iperdome and Personal Domain Names as leading the domain name expansion debate.  To my knowledge, they are the only new TLD that offers their clients immediate world-wide visibility under other country code TLDs. They are actually giving three domains for the price of one!" said Chris Bura, President and CEO of Alldomains.com.  "Their new policies are very good for the industry, and I'm pleased that Alldomains.com has been selected to be the first Registrar to enter this exciting new arena."

Under the restructuring, Iperdome now offers Traditional DNS Services under three domain names for $34.95 per year.  For an additional $15 per year, Alldomains.com will provide registration, virtual hosting, personal homepage, and email forwarding services.


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