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Image Online Design and Iperdome Applaud Magaziner's Efforts on Green Paper

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Jan. 30, 1998 /PRNewswire/ -- Image Online Design, Inc., working with other domain name industry pioneers like Iperdome, Inc., expressed support for the US Government's Green Paper, and pledged to work with the administration to build consensus on their plan.

"Overall, the plan is right on the mark," said John Frangie, CEO of Image Online Design.  "While there are always minor points to be clarified, the document as a whole appears workable and fair."

Frangie affirmed that Image Online Design agreed with the criteria needed to qualify as a registry under the plan.  "Image Online Design has always believed that there needs to be minimum levels of technical, financial and administrative capabilities to handle the demands of being an Internet Domain Registry.  We meet these criteria now, and are prepared to demonstrate that and go online immediately."

Jay Fenello, president of Iperdome, concurred.  "Mr. Frangie is absolutely correct.  Iperdome has been offering Personal Domain Name services under the .per(sm) name and TLD for over a year.  We also support such minimum criteria, and we too are prepared to demonstrate compliance and go online immediately."

Image Online Design has maintained the first and continuous use of .WEB, registering names in the .WEB domain since August of 1996.  The self-named "Council of Registrars," or CORE, was created some six months after Image Online Design was given permission by the Internet Assigned Numbering Authority to bring the .WEB registry online, pending a resolution to the difficult domain name registration issue.

"It would appear that this Green Paper is the resolution that we have been anticipating for almost two years now," said Frangie.  "While we have no problem with CORE competing, their initial claim to be the only new registry was received with much concern.  Now that CORE is no longer asserting thisclaim, we invite them to choose any top level domain that has not previously been used, and join in free and open competition," added Frangie.

To help CORE registrars with this difficult transition, Image Online Design has extended an offer to CORE that would allow them to register their .WEB pre-registrations with Image Online Design.  "This was done in an effort to minimize the disappointment of CORE customers who would otherwise not see their .WEB preregistrations completed," said Frangie.

Image Online Design and Iperdome reiterated their approval of the Green Paper by noting that now, for the first time, a plan is on the table that is open and fair to all, and allows for managed competition in the Internet Domain Name Registration arena.  "We look forward to competing with each other, as well as all registries," said Fenello.  "We also look forward to the end of this debate, and the beginning of a period of mutual cooperation in this new industry."

When asked what the next step is, Frangie and Fenello agreed.  "First, we will work with the administration's process to build consensus.  Then, we will confirm our compliance with their criteria, followed by the entry of our TLDs in the root servers."

Image Online Design's .WEB registry may be reached at http//webtld.com, and Iperdome's .per(sm) registry may be reached at http//www.iperdome.com


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