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Iperdome Applauds U.S. Government Intervention in Domain Name Crisis
Offers Free Personal Domain Names Throughout Inquiry Period

ATLANTA, July 9, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc. (http//www.iperdome.com), a new company formed specifically to offer Personal Domain Names under the ".per" Top Level Domain (TLD), today announced its support for the U.S. Government's entry into the domain name crisis.  After months of heated debate over competing plans to expand the name space, the U.S. Government has assumed its legitimate responsibility to oversee the transition of Internet governance to a private market solution.

In an effort to build awareness for the ".per" registry and related services like IperSpace(TM), Iperdome will offer free Personal Domain Names through the end of the Notice of Inquiry comment period.  IperSpace(TM) is a proprietary service that gives all Internet users simple virtual addressing conventions for Internet email, www, fax, and paging services.

"We see the Secretary of Commerce announcement as consistent with the Iperdome Initiative which we published back in April" said Jay Fenello, President of Iperdome.  "We suggested then that the U.S. Government was the proper authority to mediate the current crisis, and that they had an obligation to do so."

In related news, Iperdome also announced significant increases in ".per" visibility on the Internet.  As the debate rages on with regard to the public Domain Name System, many private Root Server Systems (RSSs) have formed and become operational.  In addition to the Alternic, the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS), and the Universal Domain Name System (uDNS), Ah Net has formed the newest RSS in Australia.

"Our relationships with all of these RSSs give our clients immediate access to the latest TLDs.  Current estimates place traditional DNS visibility as high as 5% of the Internet, and IperSpace(TM) visibility as high as 90%,"said Fenello.  Part of this visibility has been made possible through a beta test of a new service offered by the Alternic (http//www.alternic.net). Iperdome has set up http//www.per as a test URL that will determine if an Internet user can access IperSpace(TM) Services.

Iperdome has been active in the formation of private Root Server Systems, and has recently aligned with companies like Network Solutions, Inc. and PSINet, Inc. to oppose the IAHC proposal.  Iperdome strongly supports open discussions about Internet governance, and is a leading supporter of free-market based solutions for the Internet.


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