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Iperdome, Inc. and ANS Internet Solutions Join Hands To Offer Personal Domain Names in India

ATLANTA and NEW DELHI, India, June 9, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc. of USA and ANS Internet Solutions of India have teamed up to offer Personal Domain Names under the ".per" Top Level Domain (TLD).  The initial target for these services are the highly mobile software professionals of India who take short-term assignments at assorted locations throughout the world.

According to Mr. Alok Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of ANS Internet Solutions, this large group of clients will benefit from the substantial increase in flexibility that Personal Domain Names offer.  Of particular interest are the IperSpace(TM) eMail and WWW services.

IperSpace gives Internet users an easy way to use their Personal Domain Name in simplified WWW and e-mail addressing.  Best of all, these simplified addresses remain the same, regardless of how many times an Internet user changes Internet Service Providers (ISPs), jobs, or e-mail addresses.  It is expected that these services will provide significant relief in the business and corporate environments where e-mail addresses are getting complex and difficult to recall.

To resolve these new domain names, Iperdome uses the private root servers of eDNS and other root server confederations.  In addition, Iperdome is seeking inclusion in the public root servers, and is an active participant in the political debate regarding Internet governance.

ANS Internet Solutions is a leading-edge, entrepreneurial company that develops home pages and provides registration services for Indian corporations and clients.  It is a part of ANS Software (P) Ltd. Group, an Indian software development company having diversified business interests in India and Worldwide.

Iperdome, Inc. is a new company formed specifically to offer Personal Domain Names under the ".per" TLD.  Iperdome was the host for the eDNS Chartermeeting in Atlanta, and has recently aligned with companies like Network Solutions, Inc. and PSINet, Inc. to oppose the IAHC proposal.  Iperdome strongly supports an open discussion about Internet governance, and is a leading supporter of free-market based solutions for the Internet.  Iperdome can be found at http//www.iperdome.com.


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