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eDNS Enters Moratorium, Seeks Industry Input at Networld+Interop Meeting

LAS VEGAS, May 5, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued today by the eDNS Consortium

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the public Domain Name System (DNS) has been rocked with several announcements that have left the future of that system in question.  The result of all of this uncertainty has been a boom in support for the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS), a private, free market DNS system that already offers new Top Level Domains (TLDs).  As recently reported, visibility of eDNS (http//www.edns.net) TLDs has more than doubled since the system started two months ago, with one eDNS registrar (AGN - http//www.agn.net) reporting its 10,000th domain registration.

The issuance of new TLDs has also experienced a dramatic rise, so much so that the eDNS Consortium is concerned that cybersquatting may be occurring. While the eDNS Charter has always limited the number of TLDs any one entity could own, it has become apparent that the Charter does not adequately define what constitutes TLD ownership.  In response to these challenges, the eDNS Consortium formed a Root Server Council (RSC) for the sole purpose of interpreting the existing eDNS Charter.

Since that time, discussions within the RSC have lead to specific questions about eDNS governance, and broader questions about Internet governance.  Since these are difficult questions with far ranging implications, the RSC has decided to

--   place a temporary moratorium on the issuance of any new TLDs, RAs, or Registries.

--   bring these and other issues before the entire Internet community for public review.  Upon consensus, the questionable RAs and TLDs will either be accepted, modified, or deleted.

--   begin this process with Industry stakeholders at the upcoming Networld+Interop Conference in Las Vegas (http//www.interop.com).

Some of the other issues that need to be addressed by the Internet community with regard to domain names include

--   technical issues (single letter TLDs, synching root servers)

--   registration issues (transition of ownership, sharing registrations)

--   root server issues (ownership, affiliations, funding)

--   governance issues (who, how, under what authority)

While there are many questions that need to be answered, eDNS does not support the IAHC plan.  "We consider the scrutiny the IAHC plan is now receiving to be a major victory for the eDNS Consortium.  If it weren't for our efforts, the IAHC might have succeeded in implementing an agenda designed to benefit a small group of Internet insiders" said Jay Fenello, president of Iperdome, Inc. (http//www.iperdome.com).  "We do, however, encourage IAHC participation in our public comment process."

eDNS members hope that these efforts will result in a unified root, one where the multiple root servers agree to some fundamental ground rules. Members of the RSC plan on requesting meetings with various members of the U.S. Government to address these and other issues.  One such issue is the $20,000,000 "intellectual infrastructure" fund, a fund established by the National Science Foundation and earmarked for Internet related infrastructure. The eDNS sponsored meeting will be held at the Networld+Interop Conference on Tuesday, May 6 in the Las Vegas Hilton, Ballroom F.  The entire Internet community is invited to participate in this public comment process to help shape the future direction of eDNS and the entire DNS system.


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