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Iperdome Calls for U.S. Government to Mediate the Domain Name System Crisis

ATLANTA, April 29, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- The following statement was issued today by Jay Fenello, President, Iperdome, Inc.

The Iperdome Initiative

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the public Domain Name System (DNS) has been rocked with several announcements that have left the future of that system in question.  To summarize

--  The IAHC proposal, once billed as the unquestioned evolution of the public DNS system, has seen many of its quoted supporters fail to materialize. In fact, the U.S. Government, the European Commission, Network Solutions (NSI), prestigious Internet organizations like the CIX and the ISP/C, as well as many of the largest ISPs have failed to endorse the plan.

-- The National Science Foundation, which has had a supervisory and funding role over the DNS system, has indicated that it will not renew its existing contract with NSI, and that it no longer wishes to focus on the commercial aspects of the Internet.

-- NSI has openly opposed the IAHC proposal, and its recently announced plan closely mirrors the principles espoused by the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS).

The result of all of this uncertainty has been a boom in support for the eDNS (http//www.edns.net) system, a private, free market DNS system that already offers new Top Level Domains (TLDs).  As reported yesterday, visibility of eDNS TLDs has more than doubled since the system started less than two months ago.  The issuance of new TLDs has also experienced a dramatic rise, so much so that the eDNS Consortium is concerned that Cybersquatting may be occurring.

The eDNS Charter has always limited the number of TLDs any one entity could own.  With the recent influx of TLD reservations, however, it has become apparent that the Charter does not adequately define what constitutes TLD ownership.  These discussions have lead to specific questions about eDNSgovernance, and broader questions about Internet governance.

Since this process started, the members of the eDNS Consortium have prepared no less than four different proposals to address these concerns.  To avoid the often mentioned complaints with the IAHC proposal, eDNS is now trying to reconcile two conflicting and irreconcilable goals  1) a public comment process that is International in scope, and at least 90 days in duration; and 2) an immediate solution to the potentially unfair allocation of TLDs.

Iperdome (http//www.iperdome.com) believes that this crisis is a direct result of an anomaly a U.S. Government funded monopoly attempting to convert to a private, free market governance structure without any period of oversight or transition.  For this reason, we believe that the U.S. Government is the right authority to mediate this process, and in fact, that it is obligated to do so.

To summarize, Iperdome would like to suggest that

-- An organization or branch of the U.S. Government provide oversight to the public comment process, to include international stakeholder, for a period of not less than 90 days,

-- The eDNS member organizations agree to an immediate but temporary moratorium on the issuance of new TLDs, RAs and Registries until this process is complete.

-- The eDNS member organizations agree to submit their proposals to the public comment process, and take an active role in reconciling the tough questions that lie ahead.

-- All other Internet stakeholders participate in this public process.

In closing, Iperdome believes that this is our best chance to bring together the many diverse goals of the Global Internet Community.  We also believe that this is our best chance to prevent any further fracturing of the name space, and the years of prolonged legal battles that will result if we don't.

Iperdome, Inc. is a new company formed specifically to offer Personal Domain Names under the ".per" TLD.  Iperdome was the host for the eDNS Chartermeeting in Atlanta, and has been active in coordinating eDNS marketing activities.  Iperdome can be found at http//www.iperdome.com.


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