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Iperdome Announces IperSpace, Simplified WWW and eMail Addressing for the '.per' Top Level Domain

ATLANTA, April 1, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc., today announced a new, simplified method of Internet addressing for the ".per" Top Level Domain (TLD).  Called IperSpace(TM), this new service allows Internet users to use a derivation of their Personal Domain Name as a simplified WWW and eMail address. As an example, an Internet user who reserves a Personal Domain Name like "MyName.per" can simplify their WWW address from something like http//www.myisp.com/~username/subdirectory/filename.html to http//www.per/MyName, and can simplify their eMail address from username@myisp.com to  MyName@mail.per.

Best of all, these simplified addresses can remain the same, regardless of whether the Internet user changes Internet Service Providers (ISPs), changes jobs, or changes eMail addresses.  And since most Internet users are currently dependent on their ISP or their employer for these addresses, IperSpace(TM) provides an immediate solution to a growing problem.

"One of the reasons we have been such big supporters of eDNS (http//www.edns.net) is the new products and services that will result in a competitive marketplace," noted Jay Fenello, Iperdome president. "Until eDNS allowed a single company to administer a Top Level Domain, the IperSpace(TM) service was simply not an option."

According to Fenello, IperSpace(TM) is the first in a series of new products and services the company has been working on. The timing of this announcement has been set to coincide with the official eDNS kickoff scheduled for today, April 1st. IperSpace(TM) services are scheduled to begin on April 2nd.

On a related note, Iperdome also announced that it has entered into discussions with several of the existing eMail service companies. "It is our intent to provide a Personal Domain Name that truly is a permanent home on theInternet. Partnering with an organization that already has infrastructure in eMail forwarding and services makes sense for both parties," said Fenello.

Iperdome, Inc. is a new company formed specifically to offer Personal Domain Names under the ".per" TLD.  In creating IperSpace(TM), the company has developed a significant body of Intellectual Property, and has retained a Patent, Trademark and Copyright firm to protect its interests.  Iperdome was the host for the eDNS Charter meeting in Atlanta, and has been active in coordinating eDNS marketing activities. Iperdome can be found at http//www.iperdome.com.


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