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Members of the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS) Form Marketing Committee
Agree to Work Together to Promote, Market and Advertise new Top Level Domains

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 26, 1997 -- Members of the Enhanced Domain Name System (eDNS) today announced the formation of the eDNS Marketing Committee (eMC).  Its purpose is to give member firms a forum whereby they can discuss strategy, opportunities, and coordinate activities to leverage their common goals.

In preparation for the April 1st eDNS kickoff, the eMC had its first meeting last week.  Topics discussed include each member firm's plans for the kickoff, upcoming advertising, and the success of the eDNS Charter to date.  There was a mutual agreement to coordinate advertising, with many firms committing to an upcoming advertising campaign.

"We're very pleased at the level of cooperation that the eDNS registries are realizing,"  said Image Online Design, Inc.  President Christopher Ambler.  "Working together, we can bring true competition to the Internet Domain market.  The real winners here will be the users of the Internet."

eDNS was formed on March 3rd, 1997 when the eDNS Charter was approved by unanimous consent of the attending members of the Internet community.  It was founded on the principle that no individual, organization or corporation has the right to monopolize the top-level domain namespace, either effectively through accumulation of market power or by edict.  The goals at the establishment of eDNS were the creation and deployment of an alternative name server infrastructure; the promotion of wide-spread buy in by the Internet community; and the continuing support of existing TLDs while opening the root of the DNS system to true competition.  (http//www.edns.net)

The eMC is composed of the decision makers from all eDNS Registration Authorities and Registries that wish to participate. Several members of the eMC who participated in the last meeting include

Image Online Design, Inc., an Internet Services company specializing in World Wide Web development, hosting, and consulting, and Internet systems for business.  Image Online Design, Inc.  has been at the forefront of the Internet Domain arena, and runs the .WEB Internet Domain Registry at http//webtld.com

Internet .A(tm)-.Z(tm) Name Registry, of Pleasanton, CA, a new company that is rolling out the first of a series of simple, easy to remember internet address registrations.  A service mark called dot(sm) i(r) will be marketed to major consumer service companies for distribution through their existing customer service channels.  For information, contact Stephen J.  Page, Sales Department via email usdh@ccnet.com, or via fax to 510-227-0629.

The Alternic, an eDNS Registration Authority and Registry with a mission to promote further evolution of the Internet and the Domain Name System.  The Alternic is accepting registrations for new TLDs, and administers the .NIC, .EXP, .LNX, .LTD, .MED, and .XXX TLDs.  It can be found at http//www.alternic.net

American Global Network, an ISP which serves the Detroit area, and specializes in Domain Name Registry services for the .USA, .EARTH and .Z gTLDs.  AGN has been in operation since November, 1991and can be found at http//domains.agn.net

LanMinds, Inc., founded in 1991 and headquartered in Berkeley, CA, is an Internet Service Provider and computer network consulting firm supplying complete network solutions to businesses and individuals.  LanMinds offers analog dialup, ISDN, Frame Relay, and Web Hosting services to business clients throughout the world.  You can reach LanMinds toll free at 888/420-0420 or http//www.lanminds.com

Macro Computer Solutions, Inc., a leading Internet Service Provider in the Chicago area, operating the MCSNet Internet service. Formed in 1987, the company provides Internet-related services to thousands of customers throughout the metropolitan area as well as hosting the "root"  of the eDNS consortium.  For more information contact Karl Denninger at 312-803-6271x219.

Iperdome, Inc., a new company formed specifically to offer Personal Domain Names under the .per TLD.  Iperdome was the host for the eDNS Charter meeting, and has been active in coordinating eDNS marketing activities.  Iperdome can be found at http//www.iperdome.com


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