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Iperdome seeks Strategic Marketing Partner for ".per" Top Level Domain
eDNS Charter Member and Registry Prepares for New Service Offering

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 1997 -- Iperdome, Inc. (http//www.iperdome.com), a new startup formed specifically to offer personal domain names under the new Top Level Domain (TLD) of ".per"  today announced its intent to seek a Strategic Marketing Partner to support its planned roll out of a new service offering.

Until recently, TLDs were limited to business (.com), government (.gov), and other organization based categories.  With the recent approval of the eDNS Charter in Atlanta, individuals on the Internet can now have their own personal domain names under the ".per" TLD.

"Based on the response we had to our first press release, we realized that there is a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for a simple naming solution for internet users" noted Jay Fenello, Iperdome president.  "With over 30 million internet users as potential clients of Iperdome, we want to make sure that we have the resources to meet the anticipated demand before we roll out our new service offering."

Iperdome believes that partnering with a Fortune 1000 company, one with a long term interest in internet related services, makes the most sense.  "Our Corporate Partner will benefit by having easy access to this new industry - Iperdome will benefit by having additional resources available for marketing and infrastructure - and eDNS will benefit from the momentum a Fortune 1000 company will generate" said Fenello.

eDNS is an enhanced version of the current Domain Name System. It was established by a consensus agreement for the development and implementation of additional Top Level Domains and the governance of name assignments within those TLDs.  eDNS includes all of the current IANA TLDs, ISO country codes, non-conflicting IAHC TLDs, and Alternic TLDs.  It features an open competition model, whereby a variety of registries compete in a fair, minimalist and impartial manner.  Some of the new TLDs available through eDNS include ".biz," ".ltd," ".fam," and ".web".  A current summary of eDNS supporters and activities is available at http//www.edns.net .

For more information, contact Jay Fenello at (404) 250-3242, or visit the Iperdome homepage at http//www.iperdome.com .


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