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Internet Users Get Free Trial Offer for Personal Domain Names From Iperdome
Announcement Follows Approval of eDNS Charter

ATLANTA, March 4, 1997 /PRNewswire/ -- Iperdome, Inc.(http//www.iperdome.com), a new startup formed specifically to offer personal domain names under the new Top Level Domain (TLD) of ".per" today announced a free trial offer for Internet users.  Until recently, TLDs were limited to business (.com), government (.gov), and other organization based categories.  With yesterday's approval of the eDNS Charter in Atlanta, individuals on the Internet can now have their own personal domain names under the ".per" TLD.

"Having your own personal domain name is like having a permanent home on the internet -- it stays the same regardless of whether you change jobs, Internet service providers, or email addresses," noted Jay Fenello, Iperdome president.  "In addition, we are planning some new, state-of-the-art services that can only be provided from a Top Level Domain."

Fenello hosted the eDNS meeting in Atlanta, and was very pleased with its outcome.  "Ever since we had the idea for '.per,' our major obstacle has been the current state of affairs in the TLD enhancement circles.  Thanks in large part to Karl Denninger's leadership (eDNS founder and president of ISP MCSNet), we now have a solid framework that has received broad based support from the Internet community."

eDNS is an Enhanced version of the current Domain Name System.  It includes the current IANA TLDs, ISO country codes, non-conflicting IAHC TLDs, and Alternic TLDs.

The offer is part of a marketing campaign designed to generate awareness and trial of eDNS services.  It features 90 days of free eDNS resolution services.

Another goal of the offer is to enroll additional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to use eDNS servers.  "When the Internet users discover that there is an entire world of name space available to them, market forces will encourage even more ISPs to jump on the eDNS bandwagon."  Iperdome will help this process by providing free hot links on its homepage (http//www.iperdome.com) to any ISP that supports eDNS.  "What will really be interesting is whether Microsoft or Netscape will be first to support eDNS in their browser."

For more information, contact Jay Fenello at 404-250-3242, or visit the Iperdome homepage at http//www.iperdome.com.


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